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Healthcare Careers:
Better, Patient-Centric Care

Join the team that it shaping the new way of caring for Canadians.

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Virtual healthcare: high-quality patient care
Dialogue allows you to take the time needed to care for your patients remotely, while saving them precious time when an in-person consultation is not necessary.
Connect via chat or video through a simple, secure and confidential platform

Our platform allows you to conduct a complete consultation with a patient, including asking questions, visual examination, diagnosis, treatment, prescription, and follow-ups.

Be fully covered by CMPA and in line with College guidelines

CMPA covers telemedicine consultations, and the CMQ and CPSO have recently published position statements which Dialogue follows to the letter.

Your ideal workplace
Competitive Income

Generous salary with no clinic fees.

Work from Anywhere

Work stress-free from home, office, cottage, or while traveling.

Flexible Schedule

You control your schedule and adapt it to your lifestyle.

  • Julie Sirois
    Emergency Physician
    Dialogue Quality Assurance
    "Dialogue is a wonderful and dynamic team who is interested and motivated to go further! This is also the challenge of a new and different medicine that is centered on the well-being of the patient in its entirety."
  • Lisa Cheng
    Child Health & Pregnancy
    "Being a part of Dialogue's exciting team is a real joy. It's amazing how the company combines technology and health! In addition to growing in my profession, working for Dialogue gives me the opportunity to effectively help those who have time or transportation constraints for an in-person visit."
  • Natalie Skinner
    Family Physician
    Dialogue Medical Director
    "I am happy to be part of the wonderful HCP team at Dialogue. I believe we are providing quality care which is accessible and efficient for our clients (or patients). From a career perspective, I am thrilled to be surrounded by a diverse group of enthusiastic, empathetic, and knowledgeable health care professionals. And as a mother of 2 young children, this allows be great flexibility and the ability to work from home."
Want to be part of Dialogue’s Care Team?

We don’t blame you! We’ll work together to improve the healthcare experience while providing you with a flexible, enjoyable work environment.

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Join a World-Class Healthcare Team

By being part of our virtual clinic, you will have the opportunity to work with a highly qualified group of doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists and nutritionists, all concerned with advancing the health care system in Canada.

Dr. Natalie Skinner
Family Physician, Medical Director
Gold medalist and top of class in her medical program, graduate of University of Ottawa, McGill University, and University of Montreal, 8 years as ER physician, and several awards of excellence.
Dr. Jobin Varughese
Family Physician
11 years Family Medicine Practice, and Residency Site Director for McMaster University, Department of Family Medicine.
Dr. Mark Dermer
Family Physican
25 years of Medical practice, Managing Associate and Lead Physician at Central Ottawa Family Medicine Associates, and Family Medicine residency at the University of Ottawa and M.D. from McGill University.
Dr. Crystal Holly
PhD psychologist in Clinical Psychology, and a postdoctoral fellowship in Behavioural Medicine from McGill University.
Family Doctors
Registered Nurses
Family Doctors
Registered Nurses