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Find out how virtual healthcare will benefit your bottom line while also benefiting your employees and their families.

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Healthy benefits for your business

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Increase productivity and

reduce absenteeism

Sitting at the clinic or ER and waiting for the doctor for hours - medical visits can take a lot of time and have a direct impact on your team’s productivity. A doctor in their pocket will keep your employees productive and ready to tackle their tasks.

Stand out as

an employer of choice

According to a Glassdoor study, 4 out of 5 employees prefer benefits over a pay raise. Stand out in a crowded talent market by offering a perk that your employees truly want and need: unlimited virtual access to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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Benefit Illustration

Lower health-related costs

in your business

Prevent long and short term disability claims, reduce escalating drug claims by funneling all prescriptions through virtual pharmacies, help employees manage chronic conditions, and see a positive impact on your collective insurance renewal.

Promote mental and physical

wellness for all

Take good care of your employees with your new corporate benefit: an on-demand access for them and their families to consult with healthcare professionals. Your employees will be thankful and proactive about their health, and your bottom line will be positively impacted.

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Healthy benefits for your business

Live chats with nursing team
Virtual private consultations with doctors and healthcare professionals
Renewals and delivery of prescriptions
Seamless referrals to other specialists
In-person visit assistance and guidance
Thorough follow ups
Stress management & well-being service
Doctor on-site
Vaccination campaigns
More to come...

Canadian companies of all sizes benefit from Dialogue

You are in good company: join these forward-thinking employers making their business healthier, thriving and more productive.

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"Dialogue is a win-win because we expect less absenteeism, and employees will waste less time waiting in clinics, so they have a better work-life balance. The integration of Dialogue is a big step toward improving the quality of life of our employees."

Mario Charpentier

Managing Partner — BCF Business Law

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