Wealthsimple turns to Dialogue to promote mental health and wellness in the workplace

Cindy Boisvert

Wealthsimple has a variety of mental health initiatives, and Dialogue has fit right into this strategy by providing solutions for mental health.

Who is Wealthsimple?

Wealthsimple was founded in Toronto in 2014. They are an online investment management platform focused on providing easy, accessible, and low-cost financial services for everyone, regardless of their financial experience or background.

As a market leader in Canada for automated investment services, Wealthsimple recently expanded to the US and the UK. The company went through an exciting growth period in 2017, increasing the size of the team to 150 employees. With this rapid growth, Wealthsimple wanted to make sure they were scaling their employee experience and onboarding experience accordingly.

The challenge

Growing fast comes with its benefits… and its challenges

Wealthsimple is lucky to count on an incredible recruiting team who is constantly working hard to ensure every employee has all the resources they need to succeed.

But as a result of growing at such a high rate, people’s roles changed very often. Employees were becoming first time managers or were taking on challenges they had never encountered before. Ensuring that they could provide the right support in this environment was crucial.

Wealthsimple expects to continue its growth trajectory with their plans to expand globally, and such changes will bring new challenges and opportunities for the team.

Some of the reasons that made Wealthsimple consider adding Dialogue to their employee benefits plan:

1. Allow for better work-life balance

Working in a startup is pretty demanding, and Wealthsimple wanted to ensure that everyone was taking care of their health. Nora Jenkins Townson, their fomer Director of People Operations, noticed that people weren’t necessarily willing to take a whole morning or day to see a doctor when needed.

Also, considering that many Wealthsimple employees have families, Nora voiced how having a sick child that you have to take to a walk-in clinic can throw an entire day off kilter. The convenience factor was a really important aspect to improve work-life balance for their team.

2. Promote mental health in the workplace

Dialogue is more than just “a doctor in your pocket”. One of the things Wealthsimple wanted to address, and that is very common in the startup world, is having a sense of mental balance and well-being.

3. Have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and engagement

Wealthsimple doesn’t necessarily measure absenteeism; they strive to be a more modern organization that puts trust in its people to get their work done, and do their best work. Because the company doesn’t necessarily measure when people are out sick or have left for an appointment, they value the qualitative aspect of Dialogue and the positive feedback is what they put more emphasis on. Things like “I have used the psychotherapist services, it was great!” or “My spouse has been able to get medication delivered to our home”.

As an employer, Wealthsimple believes it is about having more tools and getting positive feedback that have a direct impact on employee satisfaction, employee engagement and work-life balance.

Mental health

An important topic in the workplace that not enough businesses are addressing

According to Wealthsimple, the convenience factor is really important in addressing mental health these days. A lot of people wouldn’t take the step to make an appointment and go to a physical office. Allowing them to do so virtually, and even from home after work, alleviates multiple barriers to access and gets them help sooner.

Even though it’s the same trained professionals on Dialogue, the virtual aspect encourages employees to take care of their mental health faster, as opposed to traditional methods.

“It makes us stand out as an employer. I believe mental health is a really important topic in the workplace that not enough workplaces are addressing. Focusing on modern health and inclusivity makes potential and current employees see that you care about them, and they will naturally see you as a place of work they would like to be and would like to stay.”

Former Director of People Operations

A good tool to have in your kit

Take it from Wealthsimple’s Director of People Operations: all kinds of hurdles can come your way when you work on an HR team. Whether it’s someone having concerns about their well-being, having some personal struggles with stress, having sick children at home, or really anything that comes to mind as it relates to both physical and mental health, Dialogue definitely helps.

Dialogue addresses many different issues with the broad range of healthcare professionals on the platform, and it has helped Wealthsimple provide a better employee experience altogether.

Dialogue stands out from competition

While evaluating Dialogue, Wealthsimple also reviewed other options, since having a virtual healthcare solution as part of their benefits offering was important for them.

Dialogue stood out from the competition for a number of reasons. What stood out the most was the fact that Dialogue had physicians, allied health professionals and a broad range of services. Because of this robust team and wide-range of services, they were able to offer follow-ups and better continuity of care than some of the other vendors on the market.

As a Dialogue user herself, Nora says that everyone she has interacted with has been bright, professional, helpful and friendly and that Dialogue fits right into the experience they wanted to create for their employees.

As such, Nora says she would absolutely recommend Dialogue. “It’s a very convenient, time-saving and cost-effective way to increase both physical and mental health in your workplace, while increasing the convenience of your employees’ day to day lives and keeping them focused on the right things.”

What can Dialogue do for YOUR business?

If you are like Wealthsimple and think that more employers should promote workplace wellness and invest in physical and mental health, or if you just want to learn more about how you can stand out as an employer of choice by offering virtual healthcare for your employees.