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Consult a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home

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On-demand virtual access to an entire healthcare team

Chat with a nurse
Direct messaging and video access to a nurse who will answer your questions or refer you to the right healthcare professionals.
Consult a Doctor via video
Direct video access to doctors for conditions that we can treat or diagnose with a visual examination.
Get help navigating the healthcare system
High-touch guidance throughout all facets of the healthcare system until your health issue is resolved and you are back on your feet!

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, you will receive an email with your access.

Within 2h on weekdays, between 9am and 5 pm,
and within 24h outside office hours and on statutory holidays


“I appreciate the time savings in messaging a medical professional vs. having to go to a clinic. The staff at dialogue have been consistently professional, prompt to respond, and I felt that I can trust their medical advice. “

This access is only available to students who are eligible, based on the institution they are attending

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