Empower employees. Enhance workplace mental health.

Dialogue’s Stress Management and Well-Being services offer a comprehensive, personalized, evidence-based solution to keep your workforce mentally recharged.

From screening and tailored treatment to return-to-work, your employees will have access to an integrated health and wellness hub in their pocket.




Mental Health
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Why should you invest in a Stress Management and Well-Being service?

Mental health issues are undertreated, chronic and a major cost burden to employers


Canadians will suffer from a mental health issue in any given year1


never consult a health professional1


Canadians miss work every week due to mental illness3


are on disability2


of all disability claims are due to mental health issues4

Estimated cost to Canadian employers5


Mental Health

Early action to combat stress and early identification of mental health issues can decrease losses to productivity by 30%6

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Current treatment is underperforming due to several barriers:

Reactive approach and limited access to resources
Low treatment adherence
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Dialogue’s Stress Management and Well-Being program is based on 4 key pillars


Scientific screening

delivered to all using the technology at our fingertips


The Dialogue method:

a multidisciplinary and multi-channel approach centred around the patient’s needs


High-touch habit-forming

approach to decrease stress levels


Close follow-ups

to ensure treatment adherence

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Dialogue’s integrated solution will allow your employees to overcome the barriers associated with mental health treatment.

Screening program for stress and mental health issues
Safety plan
Personalizable wellness kit
CBT psychotherapy as needed
Stay-at-work and return-to-work planning
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Provide access to an entire medical team. Reduce costs for your business.

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Reduced length and incidence of short- and long-term disability

Reduced mental health treatment costs

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Productivity gains

Increased retention and reduced turnover due to mental health issues

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Find out how Dialogue’s Stress Management and Well-Being services will benefit your business while also improving the mental well-being of your employees.